André, comes from a large family and is the third oldest of six children. Being one of the oldest, he was born with a natural responsibility to care for his siblings and began learning leadership at an early age. His older brother Austin was diagnosed with epilepsy at six months of age. Witnessing his brother struggle with seizures taught him compassion and influenced his thoughts to pursue a medical profession. During his high school years, he began exploring different fields of medicine, which led him to the field of dentistry. “After first entering the dental field, my life would never be the same. The doctor I first worked for showed me the beauty of the profession of dentistry. He brought me from the ‘dark side’ of medicine and allowed me to see the revolutionary impact dentistry can have.” Andre said this was the pivotal impression that inspired him to pursue dentistry. With now being in the field for eight years, André brings his skills in orthodontic assisting, scheduling coordinating, and dental office marketing to The Masters Dental Group. Always having a smile on his face, André perfectly fits his role as the Relationship Coordinator for our office. When not learning all he can of the dental profession, André is a student member of the Christian Medical and Dental Association through the UT Health Science Center and has provided dental care to the people of Texas, Mexico, and Honduras. In July of 2015 he will be starting a big chapter in his life, dental school.


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